The widows of Car Wash  

"The evil that is committed does not surprise us more than the good. Human stupidity, yes, that always surprises us" Albert Camus Every day that passes, more atrocities and crimes are revealed by the Car Wash prosecutors, led by former judge

How companies die 

"Power is not an end in itself, but is essential to the achievement of goals." In the book "How Democracies Die", by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, the authors explore democratic decline through concrete studies. They emphasize the

What Argentina's elections teach us

"Power is not an end, but a means to good governance." Socrates At the end of the presidential elections in Argentina last Sunday, Javier Milei's victory over Sergio Massa ratifies a pattern that has been consolidated in presidential elections in democratic countries:

Who is interested in this war?

"Those who profit from war do not seek peace" Popular saying For almost a week now, we have been shocked by news about the war between Palestinians and Israelis. The barbarities are terrifying. Women, children and civilians being killed in cold blood is unthinkable in this day and age.

Quid pro quo

"Politics should not be the art of domination, but the art of doing justice" Aristotle Quid pro quo is a Latin expression that in Portuguese has the meaning of confusion, deceit or shacking up. In Anglo-Saxon countries, the meaning of the phrase has evolved

Dumbness should pay tax

"There are so many donkeys bossing around men of intelligence that I sometimes think that stupidity is a science." Antônio Aleixo In times of tax reform, where the aim is to be creative in order to increase revenue and improve fiscal balance, the government has

Civil Death

The scoundrel, when invested with leadership, makes, invents, agglutinates and dynamizes masses of scoundrels. Nelson Rodrigues This week, Supreme Court Justice Dias Toffoli wrote the epitaph for the Car Wash operation with the following phrase: "Biggest mistake of the Brazilian judiciary". O

The useless meaning of Left or Right

Today's world is polarized, with angry demonstrations on social networks with a global reach, due to political positions that are divided into two sides: the left and the right. Defining a political position solely by such a generic concept is

The discussion of quotas in education

The beginning of the second semester is accompanied by the eternal debate on the impact of the policy of social inclusion by establishing quotas for less favored classes as a criterion for entry into federal universities. This debate has been made more heated by the recent Supreme Court decision

The dilemma of Europe's new refugee crisis

The constant scenes of migrants trying to enter Europe and being violently repelled are always very striking. Most migrants arrive in Europe illegally by sailing in dinghies in the Mediterranean Sea, which causes several deaths