The braggart businessman

"Sometimes a lack of response is the best insult" Paulo Coelho Elon Musk is a successful entrepreneur, that's a fact. An advocate of liberal economics - but who uses and abuses public investment in his businesses - he has a lot to add to the world of business.

The decline of politics

"Politics is the art of looking for problems, finding them all, making a false diagnosis and applying the wrong solutions." Groucho Marx It is often said that politics is the art of swallowing frogs. These days, I say that politics is the territory of

Capital is fearful

This week saw a large outflow of foreign capital from the stock exchange. It's estimated that around 20 billion reais have gone out, despite the good figures presented by the Brazilian economy. The country had a difficult quarter, but it was more positive than expected.

It's no longer enough to be a star. Soccer demands role models. 

Soccer is changing dramatically. And I'm not talking about rules, tactical schemes or athletic performance. We are experiencing a change in consciousness. If we compare the case of goalkeeper Bruno and the case of former athlete and coach Cuca with the trial of Daniel Alves

 Difficult words to write

This week was my father's birthday. He would have been 90 if he were alive. He died exactly 10 years ago. On these milestones, the family WhatsApp group begins to buzz with affectionate messages about his absence and how much we miss him. Photos

If it bleeds, sell it

"My pain is the echo of your own joy" Friedrich Nietzsche This March marks the 10th anniversary of the ill-fated Car Wash operation. Not coincidentally, the judiciary is faced with the dilemma of reviewing the leniency agreements signed by companies for

The immortality of pyramid schemes

"Easy money is often the hardest path to true prosperity" Socrates This week, a lawyer from Rio de Janeiro was shot dead in front of his office in Rio de Janeiro. The police are investigating whether the motive for his murder is linked to

The pugilism of diplomacy

"When one doesn't want to, two don't fight" Lula was disastrous in his comment when he put Hitler and the Jewish people in the same sentence and compared it to the conflict in the Gaza Strip. He made a serious diplomatic mistake. In fact, when diplomacy, which

The barracks need to explain themselves

"In a democracy, the military must be accountable to the people, not the other way around." Franklin D. Roosevelt It is inevitable to refer the current national political situation, with the revelations of the investigations into the coup d'état acts of January 8, to the times when the country was ruled by

Brazil and its self-flagellation

"The punishment of the good who are not interested in politics is to be ruled by the bad" Plato Brazil has the gift of self-flagellation and of destroying itself from time to time. Whenever it shows signs of improvement, something happens to shake up its structures