The braggart businessman

"Sometimes a lack of response is the best insult" Paulo Coelho Elon Musk is a successful entrepreneur, that's a fact. An advocate of liberal economics - but who uses and abuses public investment in his businesses - he has a lot to add to the world of business.

 Difficult words to write

This week was my father's birthday. He would have been 90 if he were alive. He died exactly 10 years ago. On these milestones, the family WhatsApp group begins to buzz with affectionate messages about his absence and how much we miss him. Photos

If it bleeds, sell it

"My pain is the echo of your own joy" Friedrich Nietzsche This March marks the 10th anniversary of the ill-fated Car Wash operation. Not coincidentally, the judiciary is faced with the dilemma of reviewing the leniency agreements signed by companies for

The immortality of pyramid schemes

"Easy money is often the hardest path to true prosperity" Socrates This week, a lawyer from Rio de Janeiro was shot dead in front of his office in Rio de Janeiro. The police are investigating whether the motive for his murder is linked to

Annus Horribilis: A Portrait of the Year 2023

The expression "annus horribilis", of Latin origin, loosely translates as "horrible year". According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it is defined as "a year of extremely bad events". However, the phrase gained notoriety in 1992, when it was used by Queen Elizabeth II to describe the worst of the year.

Not mine, sparrow!

"Não Bota no Meu" Song by Jair Rodrigues The STF's plenary decision on whether the press can be held responsible for a statement made by an interviewee caused a huge stir in the Brazilian press. As soon as the decision was handed down, a myriad of critical comments from the main

The cockroaches of technology and corporate bureaucracy

"Bureaucracy is the meticulous way of turning the possible into the impossible" - Friedrich Hayek Franz Kafka's work is often interpreted as a representation of the human condition in a complex and often absurd world, involving alienation, bureaucracy and powerlessness

Success: natural gift or supernatural effort?

"The gift without the effort is like the sun without the heat; the effort without the gift is like the heat without the light" Walter Scott In the debate about the development of skills and gifts, a central question emerges: are people born with natural gifts or

The world's indifference to the Middle East: are we losing our humanity?

"The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference." Elie Wiesel - writer and Nobel Peace Prize laureate 15 days on from the brutal terrorist attack on Israel, the actions of international leaders in the search for a solution to the conflict in that region are as follows

Everything as it was before

"To regret a past pain in the present is to create another pain and suffer again." William Shakespeare The well-known Portuguese expression "tudo dantes como no quartel de Abrantes" refers to what always remains the same, unchanged. But what if the past could be changed?