The trivialization of mediocrity

"Errare humanum est, perseverare autem diabolicum" Saint Augustine The world has evolved in many ways, especially in technology and in the social agenda, by recognizing the need for equal rights and representation of minorities. However, it seems to have regressed on other issues. I'm referring to

The governance of self-protection

"I can calculate the orbit of celestial bodies, but not the madness of people." Sir Isaac Newton, 1721 The corporate world has always been creative in creating governance tools and fads that supposedly signify advances in management, but which serve to generate revenue for

The promising future of infrastructure in South America

Extracting oil in marine waters is transforming the economy of one of South America's smallest and poorest countries, Guyana. In 2015, ExxonMobil, an American oil giant, found the first of the current 11 billion barrels of oil in Guyana.

The Paradox of Agribusiness Abundance

"To throw food away is to throw person away" Pope Francis The Lula government announced on Tuesday the Harvest Plan 2023/2024, worth more than R$ 360 billion. One of the biggest in history. The size of the new plan is a nod to the ruralists, the sector

Americanas: a string of disloyalties

"LOYALTY IS THE MOST SACRED GOOD OF THE HUMAN HEART." Seneca News brought by the CPI of the Americanas stores imbroglio states that the current president of the company has publicly admitted the existence of accounting fraud and that the estimated hole of R$ 25 billion

Investing in Burgundy wine gives more return than the stock market

Wine collectors like to proclaim that "all roads lead to Burgundy," but they forget that in the early days of their hobby, the best red wines from the region were not always taken. In North America and Australia, the road to

Brazil continues to think small

The path of greater visibility of Brazil in the international agenda is intimately connected to a green economy. All foreign eyes associate Brazil with the Amazon and its potential. This is how Lula was received with open doors in his trips abroad

Concentration of power and destructive monetary policies

We live in the age of the global monetary economy dictating the pace of the real and productive economy. Central bankers elevated to the category of magicians, or Olympian gods, infallible, clairvoyant and beneficent. Unfortunately, no one whispers in their ear that they are nothing more than

The impact of interest rates on credit and the consequences for companies

While the expectation around the fiscal package to be approved by the National Congress is prolonged, the high interest rate for a long period already affects the volume of money in circulation and spreads the shadows of a credit crisis in the

After all, how big should the state be?

With the exception of anarchist thought, which is not confused with disorder, but with absence of the State, the role of the State as a regulating agent is no longer discussed. It is impossible to imagine millions of inhabitants living together in cities without an empowered entity that brings uniformity, uniformity, uniformity and uniformity.