The discussion of quotas in education

The beginning of the second semester is accompanied by the eternal debate on the impact of the policy of social inclusion by establishing quotas for less favored classes as a criterion for entry into federal universities. This debate has been made more heated by the recent Supreme Court decision

Brazil continues to think small

The path of greater visibility of Brazil in the international agenda is intimately connected to a green economy. All foreign eyes associate Brazil with the Amazon and its potential. This is how Lula was received with open doors in his trips abroad

Artificial Intelligence and Distance Education as teaching multipliers

Research involving artificial intelligence (AI) and education have been objects of study for a long time. Although the research field in Brazil is still incipient, in other countries related studies emerged about 20 years ago. Whether in formal education, or in

Online Education: What is true about the present and future of this educational model

Is distance learning really the solution to all the challenges that the corporate market and the people themselves encounter when seeking training?

Corporate education as a way to create better employees

Recently, in an interview for the Terra portal, I commented on corporate education and how it helps in the preparation of a company's employees. The result is that, through the corporate education of employees, companies are benefited, fostering the personal and professional development of