The barracks need to explain themselves

"In a democracy, the military must be accountable to the people, not the other way around." Franklin D. Roosevelt It is inevitable to refer the current national political situation, with the revelations of the investigations into the coup d'état acts of January 8, to the times when the country was ruled by

Brazil and its self-flagellation

"The punishment of the good who are not interested in politics is to be ruled by the bad" Plato Brazil has the gift of self-flagellation and of destroying itself from time to time. Whenever it shows signs of improvement, something happens to shake up its structures

Annus Horribilis: A Portrait of the Year 2023

The expression "annus horribilis", of Latin origin, loosely translates as "horrible year". According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it is defined as "a year of extremely bad events". However, the phrase gained notoriety in 1992, when it was used by Queen Elizabeth II to describe the worst of the year.

Success: natural gift or supernatural effort?

"The gift without the effort is like the sun without the heat; the effort without the gift is like the heat without the light" Walter Scott In the debate about the development of skills and gifts, a central question emerges: are people born with natural gifts or

Who is interested in this war?

"Those who profit from war do not seek peace" Popular saying For almost a week now, we have been shocked by news about the war between Palestinians and Israelis. The barbarities are terrifying. Women, children and civilians being killed in cold blood is unthinkable in this day and age.

The dilemma of Europe's new refugee crisis

The constant scenes of migrants trying to enter Europe and being violently repelled are always very striking. Most migrants arrive in Europe illegally by sailing in dinghies in the Mediterranean Sea, which causes several deaths

Racism does not need VAR

Don't come with that old cliché that "there are racist Spaniards, but Spain is not racist". I know that all generalizations are wrong, but in this case, the "political correctness" can go to hell. There are extreme situations that demand hard and forceful reactions. Looking at