Learning in times of tragedy: solidarity alone does not bring about change

While Rio Grande do Sul faces the painful consequences of the floods that have devastated the state, a remarkable movement of solidarity is spreading throughout Brazil. It's a familiar scene in our land: when a region is hit by a catastrophe, the

Walk the talk: the double American face

The American expression "walk the talk" is commonly used to mean "do what you say" or "act on your words". It emphasizes the importance of keeping the speech and actions of a person or organization consistent. It is a

The decline of politics

"Politics is the art of looking for problems, finding them all, making a false diagnosis and applying the wrong solutions." Groucho Marx It is often said that politics is the art of swallowing frogs. These days, I say that politics is the territory of

The pugilism of diplomacy

"When one doesn't want to, two don't fight" Lula was disastrous in his comment when he put Hitler and the Jewish people in the same sentence and compared it to the conflict in the Gaza Strip. He made a serious diplomatic mistake. In fact, when diplomacy, which

The barracks need to explain themselves

"In a democracy, the military must be accountable to the people, not the other way around." Franklin D. Roosevelt It is inevitable to refer the current national political situation, with the revelations of the investigations into the coup d'état acts of January 8, to the times when the country was ruled by

Brazil and its self-flagellation

"The punishment of the good who are not interested in politics is to be ruled by the bad" Plato Brazil has the gift of self-flagellation and of destroying itself from time to time. Whenever it shows signs of improvement, something happens to shake up its structures

Intelligence agencies and the real threats to Brazil

The CIA, in the United States, is responsible for collecting and analyzing foreign intelligence information to advise the government on national security issues, which includes obtaining data on potential threats, assessing risks and providing analyses that will serve to support formulation

Guido Mantega at Vale: market pressures and controversies 

The recent appointment of Guido Mantega to the presidency of Vale generated intense debate and pressure from the market. The movement was so great that the appointment was eventually canceled, with the former minister releasing a letter in which he gave up the position.

The widows of Car Wash  

"The evil that is committed does not surprise us more than the good. Human stupidity, yes, that always surprises us" Albert Camus Every day that passes, more atrocities and crimes are revealed by the Car Wash prosecutors, led by former judge

How companies die 

"Power is not an end in itself, but is essential to the achievement of goals." In the book "How Democracies Die", by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, the authors explore democratic decline through concrete studies. They emphasize the