Not mine, sparrow!

"Não Bota no Meu" Song by Jair Rodrigues The STF's plenary decision on whether the press can be held responsible for a statement made by an interviewee caused a huge stir in the Brazilian press. As soon as the decision was handed down, a myriad of critical comments from the main

Civil Death

The scoundrel, when invested with leadership, makes, invents, agglutinates and dynamizes masses of scoundrels. Nelson Rodrigues This week, Supreme Court Justice Dias Toffoli wrote the epitaph for the Car Wash operation with the following phrase: "Biggest mistake of the Brazilian judiciary". O

Supreme interest! The consequences of Lula's choice for STF Minister.

"You are free to make your choices, but you are a prisoner of the consequences" Pablo Neruda Once the first name to join the Federal Supreme Court (STF) in the two vacancies open this year has been defined, the race has begun for the nomination of the second name, whose choice is