The barracks need to explain themselves

“Numa democracia, os militares devem prestar contas ao povo, não o contrário.” Franklin D. Roosevelt É inevitável remeter a atual conjuntura política nacional, com as revelações das investigações dos atos golpistas de 8 de janeiro, aos tempos em que o país era governado

Brazil and its self-flagellation

"The punishment of the good who are not interested in politics is to be ruled by the bad" Plato Brazil has the gift of self-flagellation and of destroying itself from time to time. Whenever it shows signs of improvement, something happens to shake up its structures

Intelligence agencies and the real threats to Brazil

The CIA, in the United States, is responsible for collecting and analyzing foreign intelligence information to advise the government on national security issues, which includes obtaining data on potential threats, assessing risks and providing analyses that will serve to support formulation

Guido Mantega at Vale: market pressures and controversies 

The recent appointment of Guido Mantega to the presidency of Vale generated intense debate and pressure from the market. The movement was so great that the appointment was eventually canceled, with the former minister releasing a letter in which he gave up the position.

The widows of Car Wash  

"The evil that is committed does not surprise us more than the good. Human stupidity, yes, that always surprises us" Albert Camus Every day that passes, more atrocities and crimes are revealed by the Car Wash prosecutors, led by former judge

Annus Horribilis: A Portrait of the Year 2023

The expression "annus horribilis", of Latin origin, loosely translates as "horrible year". According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it is defined as "a year of extremely bad events". However, the phrase gained notoriety in 1992, when it was used by Queen Elizabeth II to describe the worst of the year.

How companies die 

"Power is not an end in itself, but is essential to the achievement of goals." In the book "How Democracies Die", by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, the authors explore democratic decline through concrete studies. They emphasize the

What Argentina's elections teach us

"Power is not an end, but a means to good governance." Socrates At the end of the presidential elections in Argentina last Sunday, Javier Milei's victory over Sergio Massa ratifies a pattern that has been consolidated in presidential elections in democratic countries:

Quid pro quo

"Politics should not be the art of domination, but the art of doing justice" Aristotle Quid pro quo is a Latin expression that in Portuguese has the meaning of confusion, deceit or shacking up. In Anglo-Saxon countries, the meaning of the phrase has evolved

Civil Death

The scoundrel, when invested with leadership, makes, invents, agglutinates and dynamizes masses of scoundrels. Nelson Rodrigues This week, Supreme Court Justice Dias Toffoli wrote the epitaph for the Car Wash operation with the following phrase: "Biggest mistake of the Brazilian judiciary". O