Civil Death

The scoundrel, when invested with leadership, makes, invents, agglutinates and dynamizes masses of scoundrels. Nelson Rodrigues This week, Supreme Court Justice Dias Toffoli wrote the epitaph for the Car Wash operation with the following phrase: "Biggest mistake of the Brazilian judiciary". O

The useless meaning of Left or Right

Today's world is polarized, with angry demonstrations on social networks with a global reach, due to political positions that are divided into two sides: the left and the right. Defining a political position solely by such a generic concept is

Chess and Politics are not mere coincidences 

Can you govern without God? Without God I can, but not without the bishops. Napoleon Bonaparte In chess and in politics, foreseeing future moves is the basis for victory. In chess, the pieces that make up the chessboard have differentiated value by their

Supreme interest! The consequences of Lula's choice for STF Minister.

"You are free to make your choices, but you are a prisoner of the consequences" Pablo Neruda Once the first name to join the Federal Supreme Court (STF) in the two vacancies open this year has been defined, the race has begun for the nomination of the second name, whose choice is

After all, how big should the state be?

With the exception of anarchist thought, which is not confused with disorder, but with absence of the State, the role of the State as a regulating agent is no longer discussed. It is impossible to imagine millions of inhabitants living together in cities without an empowered entity that brings uniformity, uniformity, uniformity and uniformity.